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Endorsement Opportunity


A large number of Americans have a real and abiding interest in our Western heritage. An extensive research project by the Yankelovich Partners commissioned by Cowles Magazine revealed that 31% of the adult population of the U.S. can be classified as Western Enthusiasts. One out of every three Americans. That’s over 58 million of us.


The sport of rodeo & bull riding itself, has expanded to mainstream markets and fans, while still maintaining it’s die-hard heartland support. The modern day cowboy is a true athlete, training and touring the country to compete is his sport. Many of the competitors have a loyal fans and have created a fan base across the country, while working hard for significant winnings and corporate endorsement deals. What sets these cowboys apart from other professional athletes is not only their devotion to rodeo as a way of life, but also staying close to their family-orientated roots. With a high sense of pride; morals, integrity, beliefs that a man’s word and hand shake still hold value, the cowboy is a rare individual living in a modern world.


Relationship marketing through athlete endorsees provides for better communication and trust with consumers. In a sport that depends so much on it’s followers and loyal supporters, public relations with fans has become second nature


-Endorsement and promotional opportunities come with 24-7 walking billboard. Jay Morrow will be a walking, talking advertisement for your company!


•Jay is a well-spoken college graduate with a Marketing Degree. Excellent T.V. & interview skills with post career media potential.

•Self promoter with Website, Facebook, Fan Page, & Up-Dated live rides on personal website.

•Appeals to all ages of audience and has life experiences to relate with fans & potential clients.

•Photogenic; appearing in NRS World Magazine, Cowboys & Indians Magazine, Western Horseman Magazine, billboards,

•shirt tags and commercials.

•Post/Present major sponsor work includes; Waggin Train Dog Treats, Osage Casino, Cinch Jeans & Subway..

•Rides CBR & PRCA venues.